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Gorgeous appearance with striped pattern knitted into the fabric. More energy thanks to compression. Content: 82% polyamide, 18% elastane. Latex-free.
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Pique Stripe socks feature a subtle striped pattern, making them the perfect legwear for business and casual outfits. These high-quality socks, available in navy, charcoal gray or black, help create a classic business look when combined with a pantsuit. They are the perfect way to complement jeans, and make hours of shopping or walking a real pleasure. The pique stripe socks promote circulation thanks to medi’s unique compression technology making your legs feel light all day long. Sophisticated technology and renowned designer fashion expertise combine here to create an elegantly flattering look for legs and feet. Taking precise measurements makes our pique stripes socks the most ergonomic, best-fittings socks in any wardrobe. The cuff does not slip or leave any pressure points, the high-quality fabric features an antibacterial effect and always retains its shape. Manufactured to medi quality standards in Germany, a company with experience that reaches all the way back to 1951, thanks to the finest quality yarns and state-of-the-art production methods.

Body + Effect


The ITEM m6 BODY+ EFFECT stands for the unique combination of compression and shaping technology. Put on ITEM m6 and you immediately experience a sense of lightness – you feel fit and balanced. The shaping effect shapes your legs to give you an even more beautiful silhouette and perfectly smooth skin. This is what makes ITEM m6 an innovation for everyone who appreciates premium quality fashion and wants to do something good for their body.