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As a CEP customer, you're accustomed to the great functional benefits of your CEP compression socks. Well, we've taken those same benefits and put a fashionable twist on them with our new line of intelligent legwear - ITEM m6. Look better and feel better, for work and play.

The secret of ITEM m6 is medi's renowned compression core technology. Their expertise in technical knitting is the result of over 60 years in manufacturing with the industry's highest design and production standards. The uniquely developed TECH THREAD FORMING adapts perfectly to your body. The active compression profile stimulates blood circulation and provides an extra boost of energy. You can feel the difference as you recover.

The new generation of intelligent legwear. Feel the energy with a more beautifully shaped silhouette - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The absolute must have for all active and health conscious people who have a high demand for modern, high-quality fashion.

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